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Hey this is Michael's current job, write device driver under linux. DVBH player is the first project for me and I've already finished it. Here in this blog,I'm recording my result.

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星期三, 十二月 13, 2006

tinyx build problem

Today I tried to build tinyx. Accroding to the INSTALL.txt I've to build ncurses first.
This "ncruses" is very hard to compile, I met problems, such as:

make[2]: Entering directory `/mnt/tmp/study/tinyx/ncurses-5.5/Ada95/gen'

./gen '' B A >Character_Attribute_Set_Rep
./gen: error while loading shared libraries: /mnt/tmp/study/tinyx/ncurses-5.5/lib/ ELF file OS ABI invalid

Any way, after make, I found these's then I tried to make install, ignore that error. Then I finished compile the tinyx. Here I gonna place some detail infomation about build tinyx


At 8:21 上午, Blogger Johnny Ong said...

u must be a good programmer



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