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Hey this is Michael's current job, write device driver under linux. DVBH player is the first project for me and I've already finished it. Here in this blog,I'm recording my result.

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星期三, 十月 25, 2006

2.6-udev hint

I've compiled the udev and copied these binary image such as "udevstart udevd" etc. And now I'm trying to configure the cramfs so that the kernel can works with udev.

Now the problem goes like this:
Udev will create the device node automatically during the booting time of the kernel. Because the /dev need to be remounted as ramfs. ( I'm using cramfs in my arm11 board) So the /dev need to be remounted like: /sbin/mount -t ramfs /dev/ramfs /dev.

So how to configure the script so that the kernel will create all these nodes necessary such as /dev/console,/dev/fb0,/dev/tty etc?

I've read the article <<2.6>> it's helpful but still I don't know how to configure the udev script.

I need to know the detail sequence of booting .


At 8:35 上午, Blogger Willy Sudiarto Raharjo said...

can you look at /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory?
there's a lot of rules there and you can modify it to change udev's behaviour



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